photo_park“Children are hope of the future.”

World Children Taekwondo Union aims the health promotion of world children, enhancing etiquettes lessons accordance with globalization, teaching social standard, developing sound citizenship and having close family ties.

With this purpose, World CTU tries to improve the cultural exchange transcending race and religion and raising a person who can contribute to world peace and harmony.

In accordance with this, World CTU endeavors to the study, development and diffusion of the children Taekwondo.

Moreover, World CTU has the business plan of a research and compilation of Taekwondo teaching materials, World Children Taekwondo Championships, online and offline education business relating to children Taekwondo and culture, development of experts related to children Taekwondo, diffusion of Taekwondo to World Children, supplying and supporting sporting goods to children living in distant and secluded areas, international events about Children Taekwondo, national and international relationship with various organization.


President of World CTU
Prof. Soo-Nam Park

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