WorldCTU mission

Children need exercise. – Children want to learn.

Children need freedom. – Children need rules.

Children need challenge. – Children need success.

Children need competition. – Children need friends.

About 90 Percent of the taekwondo players worldwide are children. Nevertheless the existing taekwondo federations deal only with the needs of junior and adult high-performance athletes, to a small degree with taekwondo as a popular sport for juniors and adults.

The aim of the world CTU is to bridge this gap and to develop taekwondo as an ideal sport for children.

Until now children in Taekwondo are treated either as young adults. Often children, but also their parents and coaches develop an unhealthy ambition. As a result these young players burn out easily.

Or children in Taekwondo are treated just as children – Taekwondo is like a game for them, an exchangeable spare time activity. Children and parents do not identify with the sport and after some time they choose another recreational activity.

In both cases the children are lost for Taekwondo. The aim of the world CTU is to provide guidelines for a child oriented Taekwondo and to create a strong bond between these children and their sport – a bond that lasts for life.